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Why Grey’s Anatomy Just Made a Huge Mistake

fan art by crowen_page Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw have been two of the most admired actors on Grey’s Anatomy for years. As we grew to love April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, we quickly fell for the strong women who portrayed them. Grey’s Anatomy has never shied...

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Why Lexa’s Death Still Matters Two Years On

via GIPHY The death of Lexa was about more than just the loss of a beloved character. Lexa’s death hurt and it sparked the beginning of a campaign that proclaimed “enough is enough”. Enough with accepting that the representation we get is enough. Enough with accepting...

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12 of TV’s Top Rated Romances

Cophine fan art by zoshu_art Happy Valentine's Day! If you're celebrating this day indulging in an episode or five of your favourite series, you're doing it the right way. We all know that the true loves of our lives are the fictional characters who are always there...

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