15 Iconic Orphan Black Moments to Celebrate 5 Years

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On March 30th 2013, Sarah Manning caught a glimpse of her doppelgänger, Beth Childs, as she stepped off a train platform and her world changed forever. As she took her identity and assumed her life, she became a part of something much bigger than she ever could have realised. Beth Childs was not just a look-a-like, she was a clone. And she wasn’t the only one to exist. On March 30th 2013, Orphan Black entered our lives and we’ve been head over heels in love with it ever since.

Orphan Black came to a conclusion in the summer of 2017 but it never truly left us. The characters and the stories told will always be a part of us and will continue to be celebrated by fans forever.

It provided us all with an infinite list of iconic moments, here are just 15 of them.

1. “To my galaxy of women”: Season 5 Episode 8

“We are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature vs. nurture. So to my galaxy of women — thank you for the nurture.”

This episode of Oprhan Black was utterly heartbreaking, but it did provide us with one of the best quotes from the show.

2. Delphine and Cosima “I came back for you”: Season 3 Episode 8

I could add every Cophine scene to this list, but if we’re being selective then this one has to be here. It’s so honest and vulnerable and exemplifies how they’re destined to be together.

3. Krystal meeting Sarah: Season 4 Episode 10

“She’s like a 7 on a good day and I’ve been told I’m a 10.”

Krystal was definitely the underdog of Orphan Black. Her reaction to hearing that she was a clone, whilst in the same room as someone who was clearly her clone, was absolutely hilarious.

4. “Bring us together, Sarah”: Season 4 Episode 7

This episode took us, and Sarah, on a very dark path. Thankfully Felix was there to pull Sarah out of the darkness and she found the strength to fight against what Beth did.

5. “It was never Beth I loved”: Season 3 Episode 6

Watching Paul die was tough, but seeing him die for Sarah at least made it meaningful.

This quote always springs to mind when I think of Orphan Black.

6. Alison and Donnie making it rain: Season 3 Episode 6

I lost count of how many times Orphan Black broke my heart, but it was the moments like this that really made me fall for the series. The comedy was always on point and I could have watched a whole buy viagra sildenafil season of Alison and Donnie just living out their lives.

7. Helena gives birth

Sarah and Helena’s connection was so powerful. The mirroring of this scene with Sarah giving birth to Kira was done so well and left every member of Clone Club in hysterical tears.

8. “Defy them”: Season 5 Episode 4

“Defy them, defy them. Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have, then they will never own you”

Cosima and Delphine’s relationship was so powerful. I adore this scene and I adore them even more.

9. Helena as Alison: Season 3 Episode 9

“You should not threaten babies.”

Seeing the clones impersonate each other was always the highlight of any Oprhan Black episode. Seeing Helena impersonate Alison? Iconic.

10. Cosima as Alison: Season 3 Episode 7

“As a lesbian…supporter” – well recovered, Cosima.

11. Helena and Sarah’s road trip: Season 2 Episode 6

If you’re ever feeling sad, simply watch this sestra scene and you’ll feel instantly happy.

12. Cosima and Delphine reunite:

How could Orphan Black ever have killed Delphine off? Seeing her and Cosima finally reunite was well worth the wait, I just wish they hadn’t have had to spend so long apart. So after all of that time separated, of course Delphine wasn’t going to let Cosima die.

13. The very first scene: Season 1 Episode 1

Of course we have to include the moment where it all started. This scene got us all immediately hooked on Orphan Black and I think we all suddenly realised that this show was going to be unlike no other.

14. Dancing it out: Season 2 Episode 10

Everything about this scene is utterly perfect. I love seeing all the clones together for so many reasons, but primarily because it proves just how incredibly talented Tatiana Maslany really is.

Hint: focus on a different clone every time you watch this scene.

15. “I call it…Orphan Black”: Season 5 Episode 10

What a way to end a show. Watching all of the sestras together whilst Helena read their story was so heartwarming and it really felt like Orphan Black had come full circle with that one simple line.

Thank you Orphan Black for everything you gave us. These characters, friendships and relationships taught us so much and brought so much joy into all of our lives.

We were brought into the world of Clone Club on March 30th and it will continue to stay alive in every fan who continues to watch and support it.

What was your favourite moment on Orphan Black? Leave a comment below!

Orphan Black May Have Ended, But it Will Stay With Fans Forever