The excitement for Orange is the New Black Season 6 was seriously strong amongst fans, as we all waited in anticipation to see how the aftermath of the riot unfolded.

Season 5 left us with a lot to speculate about. What would happen to the inmates? Who would be together and who would be apart? Who would the blame be placed on? And the only question on Piper’s mind: “Where is Alex?”.

Season 6 felt new and refreshing, as we were taken out of Litchfield and into Max. Although we were sadly missing a number of much-loved characters, we had the joy of seeing some newly formed friendships and long-awaited reunions.

As with every season of Orange is the New Black, there were highs and lows. If you’re part of the majority who binged the entire season in an unhealthy amount of time, why not take a look back at what you just dedicated 13 hours of your life to?

Here are 16 of SeriesFuse’s best moments of Season 6:


Nicky and Lorna’s reunion

We had to wait a few episodes, but their reunion was completely worth it.

Aledia standing up for herself

I’m so relieved that we still get to see so much of Aledia despite her being out of Litchfield.

Adeola, the hilarious new addition

You either love or hate new characters. Adeola was definitely on this season’s love list.

Cindy and Suzanne

Petition for Black Cindy to get more screen time.

Suzanne embodying Cristina Yang

One legend quoting another.

Nicky being…Nicky

I’m so thankful that Nicky’s one liners are back in my life.

“The poor man’s Chris Pratt”

Undoubtedly another one of this season’s best lines.

Nichorello marry Vauseman

Alex and Piper have been on quite the journey together, so to see them finally become (prison) wives was this seasons highlight.

Alex and Piper’s reunion

“Yeah, I’m definitely gay.”

Flaca and Cindy’s radio show

With every season comes a new unexpected duo. It was no Flaritza, but it was a hilarious new dynamic to watch.

Alex’s vows

*Sobs in Vauseman*

“We’re locked in cages. But they’re the animals”

Orange is the New Black is an ensemble, but Danielle Brooks has stolen the show for the past couple of seasons.

Young Carol

There’s just something about the name Carol…

Daya and Daddy

These two were so unexpected, but SO good.

Nicky and Blanca’s friendship

I don’t think watching Nicky trying to help Blanca get pregnant will leave any of our memories anytime soon.

Suzanne’s Cha-Cha Slide vision

Season 6 undeniable kicked off to a very strange start.

And of course, we have to give an honourable mention to the final episode’s kickball game!

What was your favourite moment from Orange is the New Black Season 6? And what did you think of the new season as a whole?

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