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Game of Thrones Season 7 has been a pretty significant one to say the least. From character deaths, to reunions, to Bran weirding everyone out and battles of fire and ice. There’s a lot for us to look back on.

If you’re missing GOT already or simply want a reminder of what a memorable season it’s been, here are 27 of my top moments from the 7 episode season.

1. The North Remembers.

The best way to start the season.

2. Stark Reunion

If only Jon had been there too.

3. “This is Jon Snow…”

Davos needs to work on his introductions.

4. Lady Mormont

I’m Brienne watching her in appreciation.

5. Olenna Tyrell keeping it real

In which we were all Lady Olenna.

6. Mic drop.

Possibly the best character exit on GOT?

7. Brienne and Arya

I want them both to beat me up.

8. “No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish”

Sansa refusing to put up with Littlefinger’s bullshit.


This scene will go down in GOT history.

10. Arya sees Nymeria

Do they really think they can just bring Nymeria back then have her leave? I’m expecting more direwolves in Season 8.

11. Jon and Drogon

This interaction was iconic to say the least.

12. Gendry finally stopped rowing

Let’s hope Season 8 gives us a Gendry and Arya reunion.

13. “Flee you idiot”

Tyrion saying what we were all thinking.

14. Tormund and his love for Brienne

I think Tormund may be misreading the signals.

15. Sansa and Arya hug it out

Ugh, these Stark reunions killed me.

16. The Magnificent Seven

Squad goals.

17. When Gilly revealed this and Sam shrugged it off

And then Sam casually took credit for it in the finale.

18. “The North is yours”

Sansa getting the respect and responsibility she deserves.

19. Jon bends the knee (without bending the knee)ʖ


These last 7 moments are all from the finale.

20. Theon steps up

Anyone else get really emotional when they shouted “For Yara!”?

21. Brienne and the Hound bonding over Arya

The Hound and Arya is another reunion I’m looking forward to seeing.

22. Jamie survives and escapes Cerseiツ

Fuck loyalty.

23. THIS is what I need more of

I refused to believe that Arya and Sansa would turn on each other, and suspected they would bring down Littlefinger together. The way it happend was just brilliant and I’m overjoyed that we’re now seeing them uplift each other.

24. No comment.

The Dragon and the Wolf.

25. “…Lord Baelish?”


26. Littlefinger FINNALY gets what he deserves

Oh, how I’ve been waiting for that.

27. “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives”

“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep will never be safe.” Well, now the lone wolf is dead and the pack are stronger than ever.


I think we can all agree that Game of Thrones Season 7 went by way too quickly. Now, we’ve got to wait until 2019 for Season 8, where it will all end.

Whilst we wait, at least we have a pretty memorable season to look back on. These are just 27 of my top moments from Season 7. Let me know yours in the comments!