Netflix has given us show after show that we’ve fallen in love with. We binge them, talk endlessly about them, re-watch all our favorite scenes and become utterly obsessed. But sadly, not every show gets the reign it deserves.

It’s understandable that not every Netflix show can get renewed, but there’s some that definitely deserve to be. Whether that’s because they’ve had a significant cultural and social impact impact or are simply more unique and entertaining than everything else out there, there’s an audience that needs them.

There have been a lot of cancellations in the past couple of years. Whilst each one is going to mean something different to us all, here are just 6 Netflix shows that need to be renewed.

1. One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time is Netflix’s latest cancellation. When the news broke, both the fans and series creators were rightfully devastated. This is a series that we’re all so desperately in need of. It gave us a family that we so rarely see represented on our screens. It didn’t shy away from addressing topics that we need to not only talk about, but educate people on. It gave the LGBTQ+ community a voice through Elena that highlighted the complexities of coming out, as well as the hope of what’s waiting for you on the other side. The most recent series approached consent and sexual harassment in one of the most powerful yet simple scenes I’ve seen.

To put it simply, One Day at a Time did a hell of a lot for its audience. Whilst doing all of this, it still managed to keep its humour.

2. Sense8

Sense8 is one of the most powerful shows you will ever watch. The feeling you get after watching this series is truly indescribable. It’s such a refreshing series that I don’t think you could compare to anything else out there. If you could, I guarantee Sense8 would still come out as superior. Sense8 has given its fans such a huge sense of belonging, which is evident through how many people it’s brought together. All of these people are still campaigning for the renewal of Sense8 years after its cancellation, which proves just how much it means to them.

This show gave us characters from all corners of the world. Each was from different backgrounds and identities, but they all came together and were stronger because of it. There was someone who we could all see a part of ourselves in, which is a rare thing to see in television, as most shows end up giving us the same perspective over and over again.

3. Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks! is another Netflix show that struck a chord with people because of the story it represented. LGBTQ+ stories a rarely told on TV anyway, but when they are, we often see a fairly similar dynamic. This was a series that gave us the story of young high schoolers. For the LGBTQ+ youth watching who had just seen someone who truly reflected themselves on the screen for the first time, this was pretty significant.

4. Jessica Jones

This year, Netflix made the sudden decision to cancel all of its Marvel series. Some were definitely better than others, but for me Jessica Jones was the one that I was most disappointed to see go. Krysten Ritter (and the entire team who worked to bring Jessica’s character to life) gave us a superhero like none we’d ever seen. She doesn’t need a nickname, a costume or any elaborate sequence to show her strength and capabilities. She’s got just as many flaws as she has qualities, but don’t we all? That’s what makes Jessica Jones one of the most relatable superheroes out there.

5. Gypsy

Naomi Watts obsessing over Sophie Cookson. Need we say any more on the matter?

The dynamic between the two women of Gypsy is unbelievably gripping to watch. It’s the type of genre and story that we’d typically see played out by a man and a woman, which honestly makes the series a lot more refreshing. The biggest shame about the cancellation of this Netflix series is that they barely gave it enough time to find its audience. When there’s little promotion done before release, you’ve got to give people time to find it and spread the word. However it sadly seemed like Netflix had already made its decision on Gypsy before that happened.

6. The Get Down

When The Get Down came out, it truly felt like Netflix was focussing on brining out original content that you couldn’t find anywhere else. We were taken on an all too brief journey of the birth of Hip-Hop in the Bronx in the 70s. This is history that shouldn’t be pushed to the sidelines. Not enough people know about this culture because there’s still not enough opportunities for it to be told. Minorities need to be given more representation like The Get Down, or “minority” is all they’re ever going to be seen as. It’s on the majorities in charge to make way for them.

It’s sad to see that some of the best shows that Netflix has cancelled are all ones that shed light on important issues, and that represented the groups that we just don’t see enough of. All 6 of these shows were deserving of at least another season. It’s just a shame that Netflix couldn’t see that too.

Who knows, maybe they will have a future further down the line. All anyone can do is keep fighting for the shows they love and hope for the best.

What Netflix show do you wish had been renewed?