Game of Thrones Season 7 Hopes

Artwork by Max Beech Creative

With the Game of Thrones Season 7 premier right around the corner, expectations are climbing and the excitement is building. Even before Season 6 came to a dramatic conclusion, fans have been speculating what Season 7 is going to bring.

The trailers released by HBO have only fuelled theories and added to the hopes of fans.

Here are just 7 of the things that I hope to see in Game of Thrones Season 7.

*SPOILERS AHEAD: if you’re not caught up, you may not want to read on*

1. A Stark Family Reunion

Ever since they separated in Season 1, I’ve been waiting for the Stark’s to finally reunite as a family. Yes, I know that there are far more pressing issues to be concerned about, but I’m a sucker for a good reunion. Jon and Sansa’s Season 6 reunion was one of the highlights for me and seeing Rickon get brutally murdered by Ramsy just moments before he reunited with Jon was painful to watch. Now, we just need Arya and Bran to reunite with their remaining siblings in Winterfell. It looks like Bran is back in the North in the Season 7 trailer. As for Arya, she’s still got a few names to tick off her list. If a Stark reunion is going to happen, it may more likely be in the final season… that’s counting on the fact that there will be enough Stark’s left for a reunion.

2. Sinister Sansa

To say Sansa has had a rough time in the past 6 seasons would be a serious understatement. First she had to deal with Joffrey, then things went from bad to worse when she met Ramsy. Sansa is no longer the innocent young girl we first met. She’s transformed as a character because of the situations she’s been put in and circumstances she’s had to overcome. Her defining moment in Season 6 was when she was able to get her revenge by killing Ramsy, and you can tell that she loved every second of it by the sinister smile as she walked away. Is this something we could see more of in Season 7? It’s looking highly likely, and I for one can’t wait to see how far she’s willing to go.

3. Jon and Daenerys Meeting

“Will Jon and Daenerys meet?” has been one of many questions on the mind of Game of Thrones fans for quite some time now. Season 6 revealed that the two are connected by blood, which definitely shakes things up and poses the quesiton: when will it be revealed to the two? If they do meet, it’s likely going to go one of two ways: 1) they form an incredibly powerful alliance and defeat their enemies together or 2) they become rivals as Jon could now take the Iron Throne for himself. Jon and Daenerys are two of the shows biggest characters, and to see them meet would be unforgettable. Regardless as to how it could potentially pan out, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to see it.

4. Daenerys vs Cersai

With Daenerys and her army heading to Westeros, we’re going to be counting down the episodes until the battle begins. Cersai has enemies everywhere (as the trailer reinforces), but if we know one thing it’s that she wont go down without a fight. She’s just got onto the Iron Throne. Do you really think she’s going to give it up that fast? I can’t wait to see these two Queens go head to head and I think their rivalry could create some of the best moments of Season 7.

5. Heroic Sam

Sam’s storylines have been pretty lackluster, but his Season 6 arc ended in a place that leaves him a lot of room to prosper in Season 7. As he and Gilly have just arrived at the Citadel, we know that he’s going to learn how to become a maester. A popular GOT Season 7 prediction is that Sam will find a way to defeat the White Walkers. Whether he’ll be successful and what will actually happen is another question, but I personally hope Sam has a heroic plot in Season 7 because he deserves to play a bigger role and he’s such a lovable character.

6. The Return of Nymeria

Ever since Arya told her to run off in Season 1, Nymeria has been nowhere to be seen. The direwolves have had a pretty brutal time on Game of Thrones with just Ghost and Nymeria remaining. There have been lots of signs that suggest Nymeria will make an appearance in Season 7, so can we please finally get a reunion between her and Arya? There’s also talk of a wolf pack showing up at some point during the season. Will Game of Thrones Season 7 follow the books and bring Nymeria and her new pack into the picture?

7. An Update on Gendry’s Whereabouts

The last time we saw Gendry was back in the Season 3 finale. He got onto a row boat, sailed out to sea and he’s never been seen since. It’s now been confirmed that Joe Dempsie will make an appearance in Season 7. Let’s hope he’s given an impactful storyline this season that makes his comeback worth the wait.

What are your hopes for Season 7? Share them in the comments!