With each season of Black Mirror I complete, I find myself craving more episodes. But, let’s be honest. It’s probably a good thing that we have to wait so long; seeing as each episode leaves you with a desire to burn all your electronics in one big bonfire.

Black Mirror season 4 certainly didn’t disappoint. From USS Callister to Black Museum, season 4 started and ended on a huge high and the 4 episodes in between were just as strong.

Typically, there’s always one episode in each season that significantly stands out. Everyone’s views are different, but mine have been: “The Entire History of You” (S1), White Bear (S2) and San Junipero (S3 – Nosedive and Playtest are also up there).

But, which was the best episode of Black Mirror season 4?

SeriesFuse ranks them as follows:

1. Hang the DJ

A sign of a great episode of TV for me is one that I could watch over and over again. Hang the DJ was just that episode. I fell in love with Frank and Amy from the very beginning and the temptation to skip to the end to see if they made it was a real struggle.

Hang the DJ was undoubtedly the San Junipero of Black Mirror season 4.

2. USS Callister×01-uss-callister

If you watched season 4 of Black Mirror in chronological order, USS Callister was the perfect way to start. It definitely stands out as one of Black Mirror’s best.

It obliterated typical toxic male nerd culture and self entitlement and put a kick-ass woman at the forefront of the battle to dismantle his power.

3. Black Museum

Black Museum was brilliant for a number of reasons. The little Easter eggs that referenced previous episodes/seasons, the mini stories within and Nish’s perfectly orchestrated revenge.

4. Arkangel

Directed by Jodie Foster, Arkangel added to the list of Black Mirror episodes that definitely make you fear advancements in technology. It shows just how damaging and dangerous (especially for the parents!) being over protective can be and builds up to an eventful ending.

5. Crocodile

Crocodile wasn’t a terrible episode in the slightest, it just wasn’t one of my favourites. Murdering Mia was so caught up with the hit and run she helped her friend cover up, that she ended up going on a killing spree just to conceal it.

Oh Mia, if only you’d have noticed the guinea pig.

6. Metalhead

Metalhead can be summed up in just one sentence: style without substance. It was visually stunning and stands out strongly against the feel of other Black Mirror episodes, but it lacked a story that got me engaged.

So, what do you think is the best episode of Black Mirror season 4? You can vote below and see which is most popular!

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What Was the Best Episode of Black Mirror S4?

Do any of you have any concepts for future Black Mirror episodes? Share them below and I may even include them in a future post!

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