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Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy continues it’s strong start with the 3rd episode of the season ‘Go Big or Go Home’.

With the big reveal that Amelia has a brain tumour in last weeks season premier, I’d been emotionally preparing myself all week for what was coming next.

Amelia can be very restrictive in the sense that she doesn’t like to ask for help. So to see her let her guard down, accept the problem at hand and let those closest to her care for her was really impactful.

But, it does take her some time.

Although I’m 99% sure Amelia could operate on herself and get this tumour out, because she’s really that good, she understand that the first help she needs to find is a good enough surgeon to do the job. Herself and Derek are obviously ruled out of the equation, so she calls on her former teacher Tom (played by Gregg Germann).

After looking at her scans, Tom questions how no-one has spotted the signs of this tumour that’s been growing for 10 years. Has she been erratic? Sometimes. Impulsive? Occasionally. Obsessive? From time to time. But this is the Amelia Shepherd we know and love. Her personality is not just a symptom of a brain tumour. It can’t be.

My only hope is that when they finally get that tumour out of her (which they will), she wakes up as the same unfiltered Amelia.

Tom expresses his concerns and urges her to inform the chief. Bailey is busy getting fired by Harper Avery and walking in on his dead body, so Amelia turns to Webber.

He’s just the person for the job and after walking in on her going over all her old cases where the surgery wasn’t a success, he gives her the reassurance she needs. Her tumour has in no way effected her capabilities, as her mortality rate over the years is lower than Derek’s.

The next person Amelia turns to is Maggie.

This sisterhood is truly touching and when the realisation hits Maggie, so do the emotions and she brings Amelia into an emotional embrace. Caterina Scorsone and Kelly McCreary’s acting in this scene brought me to tears and was the most hard-hitting moment of the episode.


Then comes the hard part: telling Owen and Meredith. When Owen arrives to the room, he’s not too pleased as they aren’t on the best of terms. But when he catches a glimpse of her name on the displayed patient scans, he falls completely silent and instinctively takes care of his wife.

As per Amelia’s request, Maggie is the one to tell Meredith (off screen). The silent but simple end to the episode was extremely saddening, as Meredith climbs into Amelia’s hospital bed. This is one of, if not the only, tender scene we’ve seen between the two of them. It’s refreshing to see them put their differences aside, and just be sisters. I hope we have much more of it to come throughout the season.

On the other side of the hospital, we see a little more joy (for the most part).

After Jo and Alex’s much awaited kiss at the end of last week’s episode, the love continued to re-bloom in episode 3. Their steamy elevator kiss paired with Jo’s adorable “hocopro”, asking Alex to move back in, gave Jolex fans some well-deserved joy.


As for Japril, things continue to destabilize as Jackson and Maggie shared yet another uncomfortable moment and April spoke to Arizona (so happy this friendship is back) about the joys of living alone. If we got one thing, at least April’s belief in love hasn’t disappeared as she encouraged her patient to choose the right guy. But it looks like Japril fans are going to be in for a long season of heartache, as Jackson and Maggie’s storyline isn’t going away just yet.

What I’m unexpectedly loving about Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 is the newbies. I don’t usually take well to the news of new additions, as it’s already such a huge ensemble, but they’ve got it spot on this season.

Abigail Spencer is hilarious as Megan Hunt and if she continues to give Owen a reality check, I’m all for her sticking around. We’re 3 episodes in and I’m already head over heels in love with Carina Deluca (played by Stefania Spampinato) and I’m living for her scenes with Arizona.

When she makes the suggestion to cure an in-labour patient’s pain with pleasure, not everyone’s for it. Which she finds amusing as she states that Arizona “thought differently last night”. The sexual teasing between the two of them continues and Arizona gives into Carina’s new method – which proves to be successful.


Meredith’s therapist is one of the patients in episode 3. She confines in him about what’s going on with Riggs, and he helps her to understand the issue at hand.

Meredith isn’t angry because Riggs has Megan back, but because she will never get that with Derek and he’s just throwing it away. Although Rigg’s has fallen in love with Meredith, which he admits to her, all Meredith cares about is him not letting go of this once in a life time opportunity.

One thing me and Meredith had in common in this episode was our hatred for love triangles. She doesn’t want them, and neither do 98% of the Grey’s Anatomy viewers.

Harper Avery’s reappearance was fairly random. Within the space of the episode, he pissed of his grandson Jackson, expressed his distaste for the hospital, questioned all the expenditure, got snatched by Bailey, fired Bailey, and died.

It has to be said, his death was the first time I’ve actually laughed at someone dying. As Catherine and Miranda burst through the door to question him, the last thing they, and we, expected to see was his lifeless body.


While this episode found the balance between humour and heartache, it looks like things are going to be a little more painful next week as Amelia has her surgery.

What did you think to Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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