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Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 8 entitled “Out Of Nowhere” seriously lived up to it’s name. That familiarly unpleasant face really did appear out of nowhere and left us all on the edge of our seats.

Jo’s domestic abuse storyline was first introduced to us in the season 12 finale, when she revealed to Alex that she couldn’t marry him because she was still married to someone else, a man who used to abuse her.

Frustratingly, this storyline was somewhat sidelined in season 13. The pivotal point was when Alex decided to track down Jo’s ex, Paul (portrayed by Matthew Morrison). The introduction of Paul’s character was a clear signal of what was to come. This likely wouldn’t be the last we saw of him.

In the 6th episode of season 14, Jo makes the brave decision to file for divorce from Paul. Both Jo and the audience were aware that this came with a huge risk. If she files for divorce, he will find out exactly where she is. This is the key moment that leads to the cliffhanger of season 14 episode 8.

As the hospital is in the midst of a cyber attack, the doctors are unable to access any patient information. Jo and Alex are working on a case together and trying to figure out whether it would be safe to administer a drug to their patient or not. This is a life or death situation, as the treatment could either help the boy or kill him.

As Jo frantically runs around the hospital for an answer, she discovers that giving the boy the drug would be fatal. As we all instinctively hold our breath and hope that Jo gets to Alex in time, she’s stopped in her tracks by Paul.

Even though I’d been anticipating that moment, nothing could have prepared me for it. I’ve grown to love Jo over the past few seasons and I want nothing more than for her to be able to live without fear, and in happiness with Alex. Now, all I’m going to be doing until the Winter hiatus is over is fret over what’s going to happen to Jo.

Outside of Jolex, Jo hasn’t had any major storylines. Although this is a heartbreaking one, I’m glad that her background is finally being explored. Camilla Luddington has been on the show since season 9 and it’s great to see her get to tell this story. I anticipate that she’s going to break all of our hearts with her upcoming scenes, as her scenes surrounding this so far have been delivered with such emotional intensity.

This storyline that Grey’s are telling is incredibly important, and I have no doubt that they’re going to handle it with care. However, as this is a rollercoaster of a drama that constantly keeps us on our toes, things probably aren’t going to go as pleasantly as we all pray.

On the one hand, Jo is in a safe environment surrounded by people, so Paul likely wont put her in immediate physical danger. But that doesn’t make him any less of a threat. After all these years, she’s abruptly come face to face with her abuser again. That right there is enough to make her scared for her life. Abuse also isn’t just physical, so he may manipulate her and become a looming presence that puts her in constant fear. He knows her new name, he knows where she works – so what will it take for her to be safe again?

There is also of course the horrific possibility that Paul could physically harm Jo.

We’re usually praying for Grey’s not to kill off any more characters, but for once, I wan’t nothing more than for Paul Stadler to suffer a very painful death. And I’m definitely not the only one.


Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy returns on January 18th 2018, so we don’t have too long to wait, but it’s definitely long enough. This cliffhanger is certainly going to have me speculating and counting down the days until the season continues.

What do you predict will happen when Grey’s returns? How will Jo’s story unfold? Leave your predictions in the comments!

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