Grey’s Anatomy has finally returned to our screens for another season of humour, hook-ups and heartbreak and it certainly didn’t disappoint in the Season 14 premier. The 2-hour premier gave us a lot to process, so let’s jump straight into it.

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Megan’s Return

When it was revealed that Megan was still alive at the end of Season 13, we knew it was going to shake things up. With Meredith and Nathan finally starting to find happiness together, in true Grey’s fashion it only seemed fitting to have someone return to make it more complicated. And bringing in the love of Nathan’s life who was missing and presumed dead for 10 years seems like the perfect way to do just that!

Of course, Megan wasn’t just going to show up without bringing some drama with her, and that’s exactly what she did when she revealed a serious wound on her abdomen. To add to the drama, Meredith takes it upon herself to tackle the case and after a momentary complication in the first surgery, she’s able to successfully fix her.

So, as Megan’s medical situation has already been resolved, it looks like this new love triangle is going to be the main focus of her storyline. In the premier, we saw Nathan propose again to Megan and the two clearly still have a lot of feelings for each other. But, as Megan learns that the woman who Nathan has been seeing is Meredith, she quickly sees that he’s in love with her too and ends things.

Teddy Finally Makes an Apperance

Ever since Owen obnoxiously fired Teddy in the Season 8 finale, I’ve been waiting for her to come back and make an appearance. It’s always great to see a familiar and well-loved face return, so I hope she’s here to stay for a few more episodes.

Her reunion with Arizona was short and Arizona fills her in on everything that’s happened in her life recently, in the space of about 4 seconds. Hopefully we get to see more of these two, as I’m a huge fan of their friendship.

But, it appears that they haven’t just brought Teddy back so we can see a familiar face, as she also seems to have stirred things up between Owen and Amelia. When Teddy first arrived to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 6, we could quickly see that there was something between her and Owen. But at the time, Owen was in love with Cristina. Let’s hope she’s not just been brought back to create a division between Owen and Amelia as I’d really like to explore her character outside of another love triangle.

Arizona’s Steamy Hook-up…With Deluca’s Sister

After finding out that Eliza ghosted her, Arizona heads to the bar to drown her sorrows and meets someone new. This then makes for one of the most hilarious moments of the episode when DeLuca walks in on them, only to see that the person Arizona is with is actually his sister.

The two start arguing with each other in Italian which only confuses Arizona, a) because she doesn’t speak Italian, b) she didn’t know DeLuca was Italian and c) because she was hooking up with his sister. This doesn’t deter them though because as soon as DeLuca storms out, they pick up where they left off.

While I do already love this new pairing (and I’m still thinking about that scene between them in the hospital), I only wish that the writers would give Arizona a story outside of a love interest.

Japril Continue to Break My Heart

All I want is for Jackson and April to get back together, be happy and raise Harriet as a family. Is that really too much to ask?

After their episode in Montana in Season 13, I think we were all hoping that things were looking up for these two. But it was as if the episode never happened and they quickly reverted back to being distant with one another. Jackson and Maggie started to grow closer last season (they are family after all) and by the finale, it was hinted that something more may be going on between them as April picked up on their closeness.

Now, we seem to have another love triangle on our hands.

Personally, I can’t see Jackson and Maggie actually being a thing. Even though it’s being played out that there may be feelings there, it’s clear that the two have no idea what their relationship is and while they may contemplate it, I can’t imagine it ever being serious.

The final scene of the episode between April and Jackson shattered my heart (thanks to Sarah Drew’s incredible acting) and it looks like we’re going to have a long season ahead of us.

But there is hope for Jolex!

Jo and Alex deserve to be together, and we deserve to see at least one couple enjoying a bit of happiness. After everything the two went through in Season 13, Season 14 seems to have started a lot better for Jolex as the episode ended with them kissing.

Seeing Jo hook-up with someone who wasn’t Alex was weird to see (and unnecessary to the story) and it made me realise how much I actually missed them together.

One thing I’ve been wanting for the past few seasons is for Jo and Alex to actually talk through their problems, and be honest with each other. Thankfully, Alex was honest with Jo in this episode about how he tracked down her husband, so let’s hope things stay that way and they continue to communicate!

Can Owen Chill For a Second?

Sure, Owen had a lot to deal with. His sister who he thought was dead/missing just returned, revealed she had a pretty serious injury, had one unsuccessful operation and one successful one and Amelia was absent. But kissing Teddy? Really? Nothing excuses cheating.

Amelia clearly isn’t herself and after noticing how Teddy seemed to feel about Owen, she basically told him that he could do whatever he wanted. But Owen, that doesn’t mean you actually go out and kiss her. You stay faithful to your wife who needs you, just as much as you need her.

Amelia’s Heartbreaking Reveal

Now, for the biggest moment of the Grey’s Season 14 premier.

Amelia was acting pretty strange throughout the entire episode. She was erratically handling her case and had no involvement in Megan’s return. The reasoning behind all of this was shockingly revealed to us in the final few minutes, when we discovered she has a pretty sizeable brain tumour.

Amelia has been through hell multiple times and now, Grey’s are dragging her back again. Her baby was born without a brain. Her brother died from a brain bleed. Now, she’s a brain surgeon with a brain tumour. Not cool, Shonda.

This storyline is going to be incredibly tough to watch and we can only pray that it doesn’t end in tragedy. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Caterina Scorsone is going to slay every single scene.

We were told we were going to get a much lighter season this year on Grey’s. While there were a lot of comedic moments, it’s clearly still going to be a heart wrenching season for us all.

Did you enjoy the Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 premier? Let me know your thoughts below!



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