How to Help the TV Shows You Love Get Renewed

How to Help the TV Shows You Love Get Renewed

No one wants to see their favourite TV show get cancelled. Those who’ve fallen in love with a series and the characters within it know how heart-wrenching it is when they hear the news that it won’t be returning for a new series. But how can fans ensure the TV shows they love get renewed?

Shows can ultimately get cancelled for a number of reasons. Some of which are:

  • Declining number of viewers (or low viewers to begin with)
  • Financial loss
  • The show was expensive
  • Bad critic ratings
  • Bad network ratings
  • Bad public ratings
  • It had ran it’s course (e.g. gone on for too many seasons)
  • Controversy

There are hundreds of TV shows running at the moment, and not every one is going to find its audience. Those that do don’t always attract the masses and often end up losing more money than they make. If a network feels like a series is under performing, it will axe it.

Obviously a number of shows that do get cut are done so for good reason. Some simply don’t work, are already being done or maybe they just don’t meet today’s audience. But sadly, many shows are often wrongly cancelled.

Over the past year or so, there’s been a number of notable cancelations that have caused an uproar. There’s Sense8, The Fosters, Timeless, Everything Sucks, The Get Down and Gypsy. All of these shows found an audience and were making an impact in different ways, but disapointingly it wasn’t enough for the networks.

Cancellation can often be unavoidable. But there are a few things that fans can do to stop it from happening; and sometimes even save the show.

Social media has done wonders for many shows over the past few years. Most notably is Pretty Little Liars which dominated Twitter throughout its 7 season course. In 2016, it registered over 250 million social interactions which exemplifies its popularity among fans.

If you love a show, tweet about it. Engage with cast members and the official page, use the show’s hashtag, tweet with other fans – do what you can to prove it’s popularity. With social media dominating the world we live in, it’s going to be something that gets taken into consideration when reviewing the success of a series.

You can also use social media to get in touch with the network/platform that the show’s on. Bombard them with messages about how much you love it and what it means to you, and get other people to do the same. If you can, write or email them too. Although it might seem pointless if you’re not getting a response, you never know who’s taking note.

Word of mouth is known to be one of the best marketing techniques. And there’s a reason for that – because it works!

If you constantly post on social media about a TV show, at least one of your followers is going to get curious. Having a big audience is an almost guaranteed way to get a show renewed. Recommend it to as many people as you can, both online and offline. Next time you meet up with a group of friends, encourage them to start watching. If they love it too, they may go on to do the same and recommend it to people they know and so on. Your one recommendation could start a pretty big chain reaction!

Even if your favourite TV show gets cancelled, it doesn’t mean the fight is over. On May 10 2018, it was announced that Fox had cancelled the much-loved sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine after 5 seasons. The social media reaction was instant. The show was top of the trending list and hashtags such as “RenewBrooklyn99” were dominating everyone’s timelines. If no-one had have spoken out in frustration over the news, nothing may have happened. However just 24 hours later, NBC stepped in with the announcement that they’d be picking it up for Season 6.

Another powerful example can be seen through Sense8. This unique show was cancelled by Netflix in June 2017 which led to another uproar from fans on social media. It seems Netflix seriously underestimated the size and devotion of the fans, because the reaction to their decision didn’t die down. As a result, it was announced that Sense8 would be getting one more 2.5 hour episode in June 2018 so the rest of the story could be told.

Sense8 fans have never been silenced and continue to fight for the show they love. It’s worth noting how much of an impact a diverse series like this has on fans. When that diversity and representation is taken away, why should they accept defeat and not demand more of something that’s in many ways changed lives?

The above highlights the impact that social media (and being vocal about these shows) truly has. If you fear that a TV show may not get renewed, it’s time make some noise. If it does get cancelled, that simply means it’s time to get even louder.

Show and share your passion and you never know what could happen.

Which cancelled TV show do you love that you think should have got renewed? Put it in the comments and see if anyone else stares your love for it!