The most interesting relationships on TV are often the ones that begin with two characters loathing each other, and end with them loving each other. 

When Jane and Petra entered one another’s lives, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there wasn’t much pleasantry there. Understandably too, I mean Jane had just taken what Petra thought was her only chance to have a child with Rafael. Her marriage was already rocky, so this wasn’t exactly going to move things in the right direction.

They were complete opposites and there was no hope of them getting along at that stage of their arc. Whilst the Petra Solano we know and love now still has many of the same qualities, she’s no way near as hostile and knows when to draw the line…usually. She’s learnt how to open up, trust and be there for the people in her life; and that’s pretty much down to Jane. Whilst Jane has always been confident, some of Petra’s strengths also come out in Jane when she needs them. 

It was only really in season 2 that they started to somewhat get along. After stealing Rafael’s sperm, Petra found herself pregnant which meant her and Jane were now a part of the same family. The defining moment seemed to be when Petra gave birth and Jane was the only one there to get her through it. Going through all that emotion together solidified something, even if they hadn’t quite realised what it was yet.

From there, their relationship slowly started to turn into friendship – and thank God it did. Jane The Virgin focuses a lot on the love triangle between Jane, Michael and Rafael, but I think Petra and Jane steal the show entirely.

In season 4 of Jane the Virgin when Petra started to date J.R, Jane made it her mission to get J.R to like her. Petra thought it was because Jane just wants everyone to like her, when actually it was because Jane didn’t want anything to come in between them. Jane then told Petra she loved her, and I take my hat off to the writers for adding that in because it truly makes the scene and cements the bond they’ve built. Petra being Petra didn’t want to say it back, but Jane being Jane made her. If all of that wasn’t enough, Petra signs off the scene by giving Jane a quick forehead kiss. Whether that was scripted or simply Yael Grobglas reading her character perfectly, it makes the moment all the more perfect.

Jane gave Petra the key to open up the side of herself that she’d always locked away. She gave her the respect, affection and appreciation that no one else in her life had ever really given her. Regardless of what she’s done in the past, Jane simply sees a person who deserves a chance at happiness.

In Season 5, we’ve seen them both experience heartbreak and be the support network that they know they both need. They’re embedded so deeply into each other’s lives, so much so that Petra is clearly now an extended member of the Gloriana-Villanueva family.

Even though they don’t always get to the root of their disputes immediately, they always find a resolution by simply being open about how they feel. They’re not afraid to call each other out as they know who they are and when they’re in the wrong.

Petra is undoubtedly a fan favourite now because of the character she’s evolved into. She went crazy trying to keep Rafael in her clutches, so it was refreshing to see her let go of what was holding her back. Having Jane and Petra fight over Rafael would have been the worst thing Jane The Virgin could have done, so thankfully they took it in exactly the right direction. 

Fans are always fighting over “Team Michael” or “Team Rafael”, when really the best relationship in the entire show is between Jane and Petra.