The Killing Eve season 2 premier kicked off in the chic-as-shit style we knew it would. Set just 30 seconds after the first season ended, it threw us right back into the thrilling yet hilarious drama that’s captured us all. 

After fleeing the scene of where Eve stabbed her, Villanelle is in pretty rough shape. The shock and pain of being stabbed would impare the ordinary person, but as we know (and love) Villanelle is far from ordinary. She pours vodka over her wound, steals a jacket from a homeless man and ultimately throws herself in front of a taxi so he’ll take her to the hospital. Like everything she does, it’s completely OTT.

Meanwhile there’s Eve, who looks in just as bad a state as Villanelle does. Her panic is palpable and she seems like she’s going to be unhinged for a while. Clearly, it doesn’t bring her the same kind of joy that it brings Villanelle.

The encounter has notably shifted something in Eve. Whilst she is obviously traumatised by what happened, you can sense a new yearning in her. Could the stabbing have awoken something? Or is she growing desperate for a release? After all, the tension between the two women is only growing stronger and stronger. 

In one scene, we see Eve sat at a bar pushing a pen into her palm. In another, she’s stroking the blade of a kitchen knife. Is this just a result of her trauma? Is she wanting to know what Villanelle felt? Or could she find pleasure in the pain? I could be wrong, but it seems like this is something that may develop throughout season 2.

As Eve returns to London, Villanelle wakes up in a hospital bed desperate to leave. During her brief visit, we’re reminded of just how much we love her. Other than to get out of there, the first thing she wants is a lollypop and a sticker that she spots across the room. This child-like side of her is what makes her so strangely endearing.

She then makes friends with the boy in the bed next to her, generic viagra 100mg Gabrielle.  When she’s not being brutally honest with him about how bad his injuries look, she’s talking to him about Eve. Referring to her as her girlfriend (!!!!), it’s safe to say that Villanelle won’t be holding a grudge.  She believes it showed her how much Eve cares for her, saying that “sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things”. What happened in that apartment opened up a whole new side of Eve that neither of them knew was there. Knowing Villanelle, it’s likely made her 10x more attracted to her.

After saying he wishes he died in his car crash, Gabrielle’s time is quickly up. Thinking she’s doing what’s best for him, Villanelle goes from stroking his head to snapping his neck. Jodie Comer reminds us all of just how strong her talent is in this moment. She demands the audience’s attention in every second she’s on screen. So much so, that you often forget that she’s a psychopathic assassin. She’s so quickly able to snap between the two personalities of Villanelle that you can never predict what’s coming next. 

The only thing we could predict was that as soon as she got out of hospital, she was going to find Eve. The final scene of the episode says everything without a single word of dialogue. As the camera closes in on both Eve and Villanelle’s faces, we know there’s only one thing on each of their minds: each other. 

The longer they stay apart, the longer the tension will build. Now Villanelle’s on her way to the UK, it’s only a matter of time before they’re in the same space again. And when they meet, there’s no guess as to what they’ll do first. 

Carolyn warns Eve that she needs to find Villanelle before she finds her. But maybe, that’s exactly what she wants. Their encounter has certainly shifted their dynamic. Eve knows she’s dangerous, but can she really stay away from her?

This game of cat and mouse has got a hell of a lot more interesting. But who will catch who first?