Hey Netflix, 'Gypsy' Fans Want a Season Two

Fan art by pinkawijaya

Netflix’s ‘Gypsy’ was very short-lived. It was added to the streaming platform on June 30th and was cancelled just 6 weeks later, giving it a very brief time to find an audience.

If a series is going to succeed, it’s obviously going to need a few things. ‘Gypsy’ had the cast, with Naomi Watts taking the lead role of therapist Jean Holloway. It had the story, which some may have argued was too slow, whereas others found it to be a refreshing pace to indulge in. But one thing it didn’t seem to have much of? Promotion.

I don’t recall seeing any major promotion from Netflix prior to Gypsy’s release. Neither did much occur when the series was added. If you want an audience to take interest in it, you’re going to have to make some noise about it. With social media being one of the biggest marketing tools of today, ‘Gypsy’ didn’t even get an official account which fans could engage with.

Ironically, social media is where you’ll be able to find fans making the most noise. Thousands of viewers have found ‘Gypsy’ since it was added, and they’ve since become fans. Some appeared immediately after it’s release, others a few months later. The point is, ‘Gypsy’ has an audience. And that audience wants the remainder of the story to be told.

When Netflix made the decision to not renew ‘Gypsy’ for another season, fans immediately responded. They’d instantly formed an attachment to the series. They’d found representation in its characters. Before it had even been given a chance to grow, it was taken away.

Just a simple search of ‘#RenewGypsy’ on Twitter will bring back thousands of tweets. All of which express why people love the show and why the feel it deserves to be renewed. With the help of @BringBackGypsy on Twitter, I was able to gather up just a few of the key reasons why fans think ‘Gypsy’ deserves a second season:

‘Gypsy’ clearly has a strong fanbase. And this fanbase are getting more and more viewers to watch, all of whom are joining in on the campaign to get Netflix to give ‘Gypsy’ another chance.

Personally, I found this series enthralling to watch. It seems a lot of the negative critical comments are based around the story not being engaging or fast enough, but that’s what I loved. This is a series that focuses on it’s characters and relationships. For me, it’s less about story and more about people. In particular, flawed people. People who defy norms and constantly cross lines.

It was incredibly refreshing to see two complex women, Jean (Naomi Watts) and Sydney (Sophie Cookson) be unapologetically different. Their relationship was gripping to watch. On the one hand, it’s pretty toxic. It’s formed on a lie and is fuelled by that. Yet, their chemistry is undeniable and in a weird way, they’re perfect for each other.

Just thinking about that final scene makes me yearn for another season, because I’m determined to see how things play out for them.

So, why else does ‘Gypsy’ deserve a second season? Well, Netflix, the fans have created a video just for you that emphasises how big the response to it has actually been:

If ‘Gypsy’ did get given a Season 2, it’s safe to say there would be a lot of people waiting to watch it.

In a recent poll on SeriesFuse in September that asked viewers to vote for what they thought was the best Netflix original, ‘Gypsy’ got second place with 5363 votes.

The fans are making a lot of noise, Netflix, will you listen to them?