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It’s just been announced that Pretty Little Liars has been given a spinoff series entitled “The Perfectionists”. The new series will star fan-favourites Janel Parish (Mona Vanderwaal) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis).

Pretty Little Liars was based on the books by Sara Shepard and The Perfectionists follows suit. The story of the books is set in the town of Beacon Heights. Here, 5 girls bond over their shared hatred for one of the local guys and they hypothetically plot his murder. This is all fun and games, until he’s found dead in the exact same way.

The Pretty Little Liars spinoff is expected to explore similar themes of secrets, lies, lust, murder and mystery – just as PLL did for 7 seasons. But whether the story will be exactly the same is yet to be revealed.

But what role will Mona and Alison play in the story of The Perfectionists? Well, I suppose we’re just going to have to tune in to find out!

The last time we saw these beloved characters, just a few months back when PLL came to a conclusion, [SPOILER] Alison had just proposed to Emily and was living happily with their twin girls, meanwhile Mona was off in France keeping her own dolls captive.


So, how will they be introduced to us in the spinoff? How big a part will they play?

Both actors were truly outstanding throughout the course of Pretty Little Liars. Whilst I adore every cast member, I’m so thrilled that these two are going to be a part of the spinoff.

Janel Parish stole the show on multiple occasions and I’ve missed having Mona and her crazy ways in my life. As for Alison, Sasha Pieterse was another powerhouse and I can’t wait to explore more of her character. One thing I do hope (and I’m sure thousands of fans will back me up here) is that we get to see some of Emison. Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse have dropped a few hints over the past few months that an Emison spinoff may be happening. We have a spinoff confirmed, we have one half of the ship – now we just need news that Shay Mitchell will make an appearance.

I suppose the great thing about a spinoff is that any character can come back, even if for just an episode or two, and reprise their role. It’d certainly get a hell of a lot of fans watching!

What are you most looking forward to about the Pretty Little Liars spinoff ‘The Perfectionists’? Are you excited about the news, or would you rather they have left things with Pretty Little Liars? Let me know in the comments!