How the Sense8 Special 'Amor Vincit Omnia' Emphasises the Shows Significance

Sense8 is a one-of-a-kind series. It defies all expectations and goes far beyond what you’d imagine of any television show. When Netflix announced they were cancelling Sense8 in 2017, the world refused to accept it. Because what kind of a world is a world without Sense8?

Sense8 became a part of millions of people’s lives almost instantly. Once you watch that first episode, there’s no going back. You quickly become a part of the global cluster and are taken on a journey with these characters. That’s what truly makes you feel a part of something special. No other show will ever be able to do what Sense8 did.

It may have been short-lived, but we all know it will live on forever.

How the Sense8 Special 'Amor Vincit Omnia' Emphasises the Shows Significance

The Sense8 special (the word finale is too hard to use) only emphasised what we all already knew: how important, how unique and how spectacular this show really is.


The two-and-a-half-hour-long episode didn’t feel like an episode, it felt like a Hollywood film. If you’re thinking this is only because it may have been their final episode, you’d be wrong. Every single episode of Sense8 has had the production values of a Hollywood film. From the locations to the cinematography, the series doesn’t really even need dialogue to have you hooked. It’s so visually stunning and when you add the story and characters on top of that, you have something pretty incredible.

Undoubtedly, my favourite scene in ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ was the scene on top of the Eiffel Tower. I found this beautiful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the perfect embodiment of Nomi and Amanita’s love. Amanita earlier spoke of a future she once dreamed of in Paris, and we saw that future come to life beyond what she ever could have imagined as she married the love of her life looking over the city of love. Seeing these two wed will have brought so much happiness to so many people’s hearts. The importance of these characters for the LGBTQ+ community can’t be put into words, and I only wish we could watch their adventures together for season upon season. Sense8 simply couldn’t have ended before we got to see Nomanita become wife and wife.

Another reason why I absolutely adored the moments on the Eiffel Tower is because it represented the power of people when they come together. With their threat destroyed, the Sensates and all those they loved could finally feel free. As the audience, you feel everything they’re cheap tramadol feeling because it’s so strongly portrayed. This was exactly the kind of scene that made me fall in love with Sense8 in the first place. Seeing a group of people from all around the world come together in unity to symbolise that love will always conquer hate.

As well as the above, Sense8 is also a great show for both action and comedy. The fight scenes are so brilliantly choreographed and Sun and Detective Mun are definitely the best duo when it comes to a punch-up. Then we have Wolfgang and his beloved rocket launcher, which I could watch him fire at helicopters for 4 consecutive hours.

Something else I’ll probably end up watching on repeat? The tourist scene. I don’t know if it was Wolfgang in his pink denim jacket or all of the Sensate’s hilarious acting, but everything about it had me smiling from ear to ear. The only thing missing would have been a wedding between Lito and Hernando, but maybe they’re saving that for next time?

You only have to search Sense8 on Twitter to see the significance it holds. The unity shown on screen transcends, as fans have come together from all around the world because of the love they share for Sense8. Just like Lito, Nomi, Will, Wolfgang, Sun, Riley, Kala and Capheus never gave up the fight, neither will the fans. One of the key reasons is because whilst some shows shy away from diversity, Sense8 embraces it. It makes almost everyone feel heard, valid and worthy. Having a kick-ass character that you can see yourself in is a feeling like no other. Some may be so familiar with that feeling that they don’t even recognise it, having been represented their entire life. But if you’ve struggled to see yourself on screen, you know how it feels when you finally have someone who you can look up to.

Positive representation in the media is so important. We need more shows like Sense8 to be given a chance to grow and reach a wider audience. We need Sense8. The fight for this spectacular show won’t die down any time soon. When Netflix announced the cancellation, many would have thought that was the end, but yet here we are with a brand new episode at our hands.

If you’re now feeling doubtful that this Sense8 special is the Sense8 finale, remember one thing: “Impossibility is still just a kiss away from reality”. Sense8 has shown us that nothing is impossible. If you fight for what you love, you may just get one step closer to the reality you’re fighting for. #Sense8Forever