SPOILER ALERT for anyone who isn’t caught up on Season 5 of Orphan Black.

Siobhan Sadler, Mrs S, S.

Although we knew from the beginning of Season 5 that nobody was safe, nothing could have prepared us for what happened in “Guillotines Decide“. We’ve lost a lot of characters in Orphan Black, but the loss of Siobhan Sadler is undoubtedly the biggest and most emotional one yet.

From the very beginning, Mrs S has always had her family’s best interests at heart. Even when she kept Kira and Sarah apart in the first few episodes of Season 1, it was because she was trying to do what was right for her family.

Season 5 has only reinforced what we all already knew: Siobhan Sadler is the overriding hero of Orphan Black.

This season has shown us the lengths she’s willing to go to to keep her family safe. If a line needs to be crossed, she’ll do it without second thought. If she needs to keep secrets, she will. If she needs to put her own life on the line, she won’t even hesitate. Every choice she made and plan she put into action was to give those she loves a future, even if that meant she couldn’t be a part of it.

Siobhan was one of the show’s biggest heroes. There are a lot of words that can be used to describe her character, but ‘warrior’ has to be pretty high up the list. I’d honestly be surprised if S didn’t have guns stashed in every possible hiding spot, and thank heavens she did because it meant that she was able to get her revenge, and put an end to the man who posed a danger to her family, in her final moments. Right in the throat, just as she promised.


Her bravery only adds to her heroism. She knew what she was up against and she knew that she probably wouldn’t make it out alive. But did she falter? Of course she didn’t, because she knew what needed to be done. She knew that as long as Ferdinand was alive, her “chickens” would always have something to fear.


So, she took that fear and greeted it in the face. Gun in hand, family in mind. She was able to accept her death, because she knew that she’d done all she could. If her death resulted in the survival of others, that was a bargain she was willing to take. She’d had a good run, had left her chickens in a room full of joy and had her photo of Sarah and Felix to look at one last time. Her final memories weren’t of sorrow, or regret, or misery. They were of love.

The loss of Mrs S will never not hurt. But, the way she went out couldn’t have been more fitting. Her final scene embodied everything she was: a warrior, a hero, brave, protective, loving, a mother – and that will never be taken away. Not even by death.

Maria Doyle Kennedy brought something unique and unforgettable to Siobhan Sadler, and to Orphan Black. Without her, Orphan Black wouldn’t be the show that it is. So, to Maria and to Mrs S, thank you for the memories.



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