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Supergirl Season 3 kicks off tonight, and there’s already a lot of rumours about what’s going to go down. With the news that Floriana Lima is exiting the show, things don’t look as promising as they did when Season 2 ended.

Maggie’s exit is going to cause a major impact. Not just on Alex, but on the thousands of fans who’ve fallen in love with their story. Of course, we will still have Alex. A character who is somehow so much more than just a character. But something will undeniably be lost.

Sanvers arrived on our screens at a time where TV, and LGBT Fans, needed them most. 2016 was not a good year for LGBT representation. For a while, it seemed like everywhere you turned a queer character was being killed off or misrepresented. Then all eyes turned to Supergirl.

After season 1 of Supergirl ended and press for the new series begun, a lot of speculation started. It was announced that a character on one of the CW shows would be coming out. And who was the first name to come to the minds of the majority? Well, Alex Danvers of course.

Alex Danvers, portrayed by the magnificent Chyler Leigh, had no love interest in season 1. Whilst many awkwardly tried to pair her with Maxwell Lord, she was quite clearly disinterested.

After the announcement that there would be a coming out arc on the CW, came the announcement that Maggie Sawyer would be brought into the series. Thencame the announcement that Floriana Lima would be playing her.

Maggie was one of the first openly gay characters to appear in comic books. Counting on the fact the Supergirl writers would keep Maggie’s sexuality in the show, speculation began to grow. Could Maggie be a potential love interest for Alex? Only time would tell!

Maggie’s first appearance in Supergirl was in Season 2 Episode 3. And who was her first scene with? Alex.

The two had instant chemistry and it quickly became clear which way this relationship would be headed. The more time Alex spent with Maggie, the more meaningful the connection between them became.

After Maggie made the assumption that Alex liked girls in episode 5, something in Alex clicked. The realisation of who she was and what she’d been burying for all these years hit her. Then what followed? Only one of the most impactful, resonating, coming out speeches that I’ve ever seen on TV.

When Alex Danvers came out, something changed. Not just in the way that LGBT characters were being presented on our screens, but through the impact they had on all those watching.

Although there are indeed an abundance of (thought still not enough) queer characters on TV, there isn’t always someone that everyone can relate to. Alex Danvers seemed to provide that voice for a fair few.

Alex’s coming out speech was real. It spoke the words that so many had been buckling down in their own heads. That so many were just starting to realise themselves. It started conversations and opened doors. Every word spoken in that speech meant something to someone.

Coming out looks different on everyone. Young or old, there is no time frame. It can be something you’ve been holding in for years, or something you’ve only just woken up to.

The introduction of Maggie is what truly allowed Alex to start living. To start being authentic. This is where the importance of Sanvers really begun, and what latched so many people onto their journey.

It was refreshing to watch her character develop throughout the episodes. Although every step wasn’t easy, she got through it. She got to the other side and found happiness with the woman who enabled her to open up.

Seeing these two women fall for each other was beautiful to watch. For once on TV, the biggest issues in their lives didn’t stem from who they loved, but the fact they had the world to save and aliens to defeat.

It’s incredibly empowering to see them at the forefront of all the action in Supergirl.

As well as getting to watch them fall in love, we saw them grow. We saw them bring out the best in each other, support each other through their individual hardships. We got to see a healthy portrayal of a relationship that was never once harmful or stereotypical.

These are characters that have given hope to people all around the world. The power of storytelling is incomparable. It really is incredible to see what an impact Sanvers has had on people.

From simply providing positive representation, to helping people come out, and even saving the lives of those who were on the edge of giving up. Ask any fan, and you will get a plethora of reasons outlining what it means to them.

Take the below story, for example.

This exemplifies exactly how stories can impact people’s lives, when told right.

The support the actresses have given to fans goes a long way, too. Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima gave constant validation to fans from the very beginning. Chyler took on Alex’s new storyline with respect and gave it everything she had. Seeing the effect it was creating amongst people, she reached out and let people’s voices be heard. She listened to their stories, she spread love and she continues to be an incredible ally.

Despite what’s to come with Sanvers, Chyler Leigh will continue to kick-ass with Alex Danvers and be a powerful voice for LGBT fans.

The legacy of Sanvers will never be taken away. This story will continue to be of significance to so many people for so many years to come.

Whatever Season 3 has in store for them, try not to be discouraged. Don’t let it be taken away from you. Don’t forget the story they told.

Sanvers matters, and it always will.