Fan art by WalkerWyn

The trailer for Season 8 of The Walking Dead was released yesterday at San Diego Comic Con and as is to be expected, fans had a lot to say about it. With it being five minutes long, there are a lot of shots that pose a lot of questions and tease what Season 8 is going to include.

Season 8 is obviously going to be action packed as the battle against the saviours is heating up. From one of Rick’s many motivational speeches, to Maggie continuing to prove why she’s one of the shows strongest characters, to Daryl looking as badass as ever, The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer gives it all.

One of the key points of the trailer, and most talked about moment amongst fans, is the final shot of Rick waking up in bed looking a little different to how he usually does. Could this be him waking up from his coma? It’s highly unlikely, but the parallel to Season 1 sure has got people talking. Could this be following the time jump that occurs in the comics? It’s possible.

So, how did the fans react? Here are a few of my favourite posts.

Literally the only positive thing to come from Glenn’s death is seeing how it’s made Maggie even stronger. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that in Season viagra 100 mg online 8.

As well as the above, will we actually see her baby bump in Season 8?


If there’s one thing fans will never miss, it’s parallels.

Big mood.


Hopefully by the time Season 8 of The Walking Dead airs in October, we’ll all be over the sight of Rick without his curls and scruffy beard. Seeing him that groomed just doesn’t feel right.

Whether you’re a fan of the new trailer or not, there’s no denying that this season looks a lot more intense than the last one. Not a lot is revealed, but at least no big moments have been spoiled.

What part of the trailer are you obsessing over most? What do you think will happen in Season 8?