Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp

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If this is the first you’re hearing of Wynonna Earp, where on earth have you been for the past couple of years?

After premiering in April 2016, Wynonna Earp quickly caught the attention of critics and built up an audience that’s been with it ever since.

This supernatural-Western created by Emily Andreas centres around the title character Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) who is the great-great-granddaughter of the town’s legend: Wyatt Earp. On her 27th birthday, Wynonna returns to her hometown of Purgatory to confront her family’s curse. Revenants (resurrections of those who Wyatt killed) aim to gain vengeance on the oldest living Earp but using Wyatt’s gun Peacemaker, and with the help of her sister Waverly (Dominque Provost-Chalkley) and the Black Badge Division, Wynonna fights to put each one of them back in Hell.

Wynonna Earp is action packed, but it stands out for reasons that go way beyond the plot.


Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp

Ultimately, the show wouldn’t be what it is without the bond that the Earp sisters (Wynonna and Waverly) share. In the beginning of the series they’re estranged to each other, but as time goes by, they inevitably grow closer and realise that they depend on one another to survive.

They’re strong enough as individuals, but when they’re together no one can stand in their way.

You soon become emotionally invested in their sisterhood and understand the unbreakable love that’s so deeply rooted in them both. They’re the heart of the show and it’s beautiful to watch such a well-played and well written relationship strengthen from episode to episode.


 Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp’s leading ladies break all boundaries and each provide you with everything you could ever need in a character. Wynonna may be the title character, but the other women are just as important to the show as she is.

Nicole (Katherine Barrell) and Waverly both have their parts to play and don’t ever hide away from the action. Any scene the three of these characters share is a delight and you never quite know what you’re going to get. One moment they’re kicking ass, the next they’re tugging on our heart strings.

The women of Wynonna Earp are also very different to each other. Wynonna isn’t necessarily your traditional hero; but that’s only because we’re so used to seeing just one type of saviour. She likes a drink (or 5), she drops her fair share of sarcastic comments and isn’t perfectly put together; but none of that makes a difference because it doesn’t change who she is as a person or what she’s willing to do for those she loves.

Waverly is sweet and caring, but that doesn’t mean she’s limited to being just that. Her caring nature is one of her biggest strengths and those around her learn from how she loves. Nicole carries a level of confidence that could encourage anyone to conquer their biggest fear. She could easily have been side-lined as being just Waverly’s love interest, but that was never going to happen on a show like Wynonna Earp.


Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp

Waverly and Nicole (otherwise known as Wayhaught) are undeniably the show’s best romance and have cemented a solid fanbase who will be forever invested in their story.

Their chemistry was palpable from the moment Waverly first caught Nicole’s eye and once they were in each other’s lives, there was no going back. Nicole’s feelings were evident from the beginning, but she never once put pressure on the situation and gave her the space she needed to figure things out for herself.

Their first kiss was such a beautiful moment where Waverly took the lead, confessing her feelings and pulling Nicole in as close as she possibly could. Once Nicole knew she had her, she was never going to let go.

Wayhaught are key to Wynonna Earp and showrunner Emily Andreas ensured their romance wasn’t just part of the background; knowing how important it is to queer audiences.

A relationship like this one was (and still is) so desperately needed, especially in the wake of Lexa’s death in The 100 which reinforced the ‘Bury Your Gay’s’ trope which so many TV series have played a part in.

LGBT characters are hard enough to find as it is, and those we do find rarely end up happy. The worse they get treated, the worse the audience are left to feel. We’re left wondering: why does the same narrative keep reoccurring?

Wynonna Earp disregarded this harmful trope from the offset. Andreas didn’t queerbait fans and made it known that the queer characters on her show would not be getting killed off.

Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp

The relationship itself is one thing, but the genuine love and dedication the actors put into getting it right is another thing entirely.

Watch or read any interview of Katherine and Dominique and within 10 seconds you’ll see how deeply they care about the community. Understanding the importance of what they’re representing is the best thing an actor could ever do. It not only leads to better storytelling, but it helps builds a stronger connection with fans.

Wynonna Earp fans are so dedicated to the show – largely because those involved in creating it are so dedicated to them.


To put is simply, Wynonna Earp is a true joy to watch. Its Western theme provides us with some stunning sets, action-packed shoot-outs and the brilliant Doc Holliday – who may just have the best mustache you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

If you’re a sucker for cinematography, you’ll find yourself pausing every other scene to take in the stunning landscape shots. The town of Purgatory is one like no other and the more you explore it, the more you’ll want to know about it.

The writing is also brilliantly done, from the witty one liners to the new mysteries that you’ll embark on as each season passes by.

The Wynonna Earp universe is full of more than you could ever imagine.

If you haven’t already got stuck in, what are you waiting for?

Why Everyone Should Watch Wynonna Earp